MediaTek introduced a new 5G chip for routers


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10 Sep 2022

MediaTek introduced a new 5G chip for routers

MediaTek is best known for producing mobile processors, but the semiconductor company also produces 5G processing platforms and makes them available to companies such as router manufacturers. The latest MediaTek platform, which is called MediaTek T830, uses the M80 modem and is equipped with the new capabilities of the sub-6GHz version of the 5G network.

XDA Developers writes that the T830 is a compact and low-power chip that lowers the final cost of products such as routers.

The Mediatek T830 processor includes a CPU unit with four 2.2 GHz Arm Cortex-A55 cores and a 5G cellular modem with the latest standards. The T830 also uses a network processing unit. As expected, users can sync T830 with Filogic series products.

MediaTek says that thanks to the T830, the high-speed 5G network can be used in products such as routers and hotspot devices.

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